The Brain Research Unit 2.0 (ATY 2.0) Project has launched! Scientific innovation with business value

The Brain Research Unit 2.0 (Aivotutkimusyksikkö 2.0, ATY 2.0) is a collaborative effort between the University of Eastern Finland, the Northern Savo wellbeing services county, and the region’s health sector companies. The aim is to create an internationally attractive, scalable operating model for brain health clinical research that can also be used in other scientific fields.

The key focus of this new model is collaboration and partnership among academia, healthcare providers, patients, and industry stakeholders. This ensures that research findings are not only scientifically sound but also relevant and applicable to patients’ daily lives. For example, collaboration with academic teams and companies can promote the effective use of research findings as diagnostic and treatment methods. By involving patients as active participants, the project aims to promote patient-centered care and enable individuals to contribute directly to medical progress.

Erkki Soini, a health economist and CEO of ESiOR, highlights the importance of business value in the new model. From the business perspective, he says, companies would like a smooth research-to-business plan, including a clear idea of what innovations are needed.

“Companies need information about the clinical performance of their technology in treatment trials and in real life, as well as support in entering the market. That's where the National Center for Pharmaceutical Development (Kansallinen Lääkekehityskeskus) can be a good partner in the future.”
Erkki Soini, CEO at ESiOR

By developing a new operating model for clinical trials, the Brain Research Unit 2.0 project aims to speed up the translation of research findings into clinical practice, benefitting patients and healthcare systems. In addition, the integration of real-world data and patient perspectives has the potential to redefine the way medical interventions are studied, leading to more effective treatments and improved patient outcomes.

More about the National Center for Pharmaceutical Development (Kansallinen Lääkekehityskeskus), in Finnish: