GenomiTerveys project receives Biobank Research of the Year Award

The GenomiTerveys project, led by the Helsinki Biobank, has received the first-ever Biobank Research of the Year award from the Finnish Biobank Cooperative – FINBB. The project focused on identifying individuals with an increased risk of breast cancer using genetic data from biobank samples. The award recognizes the project’s significant benefits for those with cancer genes and the broader impact on Finnish healthcare.

ESiOR is proud to have taken part in the cost-effectiveness evaluation of this project! The results were presented at the European ISPOR 2023 congress. 

The project, which screened samples for gene mutations associated with a high cancer risk, developed methods for analyzing genomic data, established a national system to return information to sample donors and healthcare, and collaborated with hospitals to ensure effective biobank results. The findings revealed a gene error predisposing to breast cancer in every 200th sample, highlighting the potential of genomics in disease prevention and early treatment. The project also utilized patient databases from hospitals owning the biobanks.

The award underscores the value of utilizing data from Finnish biobanks for research with potential health benefits for individuals in Finland and globally.

You can read more about the award here.

You can read our joint scientific publication here: From Biobank Sample to Breast Cancer Prevention—Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Returning Genomic Data to Sample Donors

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