Kuopio – a centre of pharma and healthtech development?

Pharma Industry Finland organised a discussion forum on Tuesday Mar 3 2021 to consider the possibilities and advantages of further developing pharma industry and healthtech in Kuopio. In addition to Pharma Industry Finland, the CEO of Kuopio Health Aki Gröhn, the director of Neurocenter Finland Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, and the CEO of ESiOR Erkki Soini attended the forum and each gave an introductory speech. Municipal election candidates discussed the topics.

The participants agreed on the potential and the right mindset in Kuopio but also on the challenges. The biggest assets are the already existing activities, educational opportunities, safety, nature, and the environment. Recruiting people from Finland and around the world and helping them feel at home and stay in the area was considered a challenge. It was suggested that Savilahti area could be branded as “Pharma Valley” to raise the appeal. The development of the area also requires a lot of cooperation between political decision-makers and the public and the private sector.

The interest is strong and a lot can be done together. ESiOR as a company and as a member of Kuopio Health is strongly working towards developing the area.


Additional reading:

https://www.etla.fi/julkaisut/terveysteknologia-ja-tutkiva-laakeala-suomen-taloudessa/ (a summary in English)

https://www.savonsanomat.fi/paikalliset/3992155 (in Finnish)


Further information: Erkki Soini