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SPESiOR® eCRF for data collection

SPESiOR® eCRF (electronic Case Report Form) can be used to collect real-world data. The eCRF is customisable – users can input patient data manually, or the eCRF can be developed to collect information directly from patients.

  • SPESiOR® eCRF can be used for both commercial and academic studies.
  • SPESiOR® eCRF and the collected data are securely located in Finland within SPESiOR.

SPESiOR® for data analytics & modelling

SPESiOR is run as a virtual desktop using Microsoft Windows Server as the operating system. Different distributions of Linux can also be set as a virtual environment within the Windows Server environment. Connection to the SPESiOR network is established via Citrix Secure Access VPN. Therefore, no fixed IP address from the connecting organisation is required.

SPESiOR includes

SPESiOR can be customised to meet the needs of your research.

  • Additional software and scripts can be installed or transferred.

  • Settings, software, and tools can be duplicated for new projects.

  • Teams can easily collaborate – folder permissions can be adapted to user roles.
  • SPESiOR is suitable for both commercial and academic use.

SPESiOR® for knowledge management

An incredible amount of health data is generated every day, and very little of it is used beyond treating the patient.  By using up-to-date, high-quality information, it is possible to develop healthcare operations and allocate resources to obtain the greatest benefit. With the help of knowledge management, it is possible to improve the results of patient care, support evidence-based treatment practices, and make informed decisions.

ESiOR supports knowledge management in the production, communication, and utilisation of information formed from versatile data. In SPESiOR, it is possible to create user interface models and report views in order to visualise results for decision makers and other parties.

SPESiOR® for managed entry agreements

The introduction of new drugs and devices often involves uncertainties regarding their effectiveness and costs. These uncertainties can be managed through risk-sharing agreements (RSAs). It has been proven that RSAs can lead to faster patient access to medications and treatments, as well as a faster time to market and added value for manufacturers. 

Risk-sharing agreements are a significant part of value-based healthcare, which also includes other investment models and agreements, such as result-based financing agreements (social impact bonds, SIBs).

By combining SPESiOR’s versatile solutions and ESiOR’s expert services, we can offer a comprehensive solution for implementing RSAs. SPESiOR® promotes the success of RSAs by ensuring the integrity, transparency, confidentiality, and security of the data. ESiOR experts can even perform the analyses and modelling, if necessary.

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