Kuopio Health’s goals – easy to agree with!

ESiOR is an active member of Kuopio Health Open Innovation Ecosystem. We support each other and we are happy to give Kuopio Health a voice on our website. This time we will share Kuopio Health’s new strategy (summarised in the picture) and goals, which we agree with completely.

Kuopio Health wants to enable a good life. We strongly believe in cooperation and the power of a network. We know that unexpected encounters and joint paths can lead to success stories which echo far and wide in the international arenas.

Building networks, engaging in collaboration across sectoral borders, and innovative business opportunities are vital in the wellbeing, health technology and nutrition sector. Together, we must foster the quick introduction of innovations and paths towards commercial applications.

The Kuopio Health collective wishes to be at the centre of these endeavours. We will serve as a life-sustaining heart pumping vitality all around itself, enabling collaboration to flourish, and serving as a building block for new innovations.

We wish to be the place where different operators can form a whole and where we can face complex challenges together. As an orchestrator, Kuopio Health’s activities are guided by trustworthiness, leadership, partnership and impact. Our activities are built on responsible decisions and actions, which will also ensure the carrying capacity of the surrounding society in the future.

When we succeed in what we’re doing, 2,000 new jobs will have been created in this region by 2030.

An ecosystem is always a sum of its parts. We are more together. Welcome to be our member!

It is great to be part of this network. Thank you Kuopio Health and all the members!