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An environment as unique as your research.

Each SPESiOR® environment comes with a well-equipped toolbox of data analytics and modelling tools. 

Because each project is unique, you may require additional tools. Not to worry – SPESiOR environments can be customised to suit your specific needs.

  • Open-access or license-based software can be installed to SPESIOR.
  • Your existing licenses can be used if this complies with the license terms of the software.

In addition, the user environment can be customised to your organisation’s visual layout.

SPESiOR® - Pre-installed software



Data analysis

Spatial modelling


* These programs require a separate license. Therefore, they are only available upon customer request.

SPESiOR® Basic

You can purchase SPESiOR as a stand-alone environment for your data analysis.  Strong access management ensures that only appropriate members of your research team have access to raw data and results.  When the results are ready, export the anonymised data for publication.

SPESiOR® Premium

SPESiOR is supported by highly experienced health economists and data analysts. We can help you with every step of your project: from study planning to results publication and communication.  

With SPESiOR Premium, our experts at ESiOR can give you the amount of support you need to make your project a success.

Interested? Contact us and we will tell you more!

Let’s overcome your research challenges together.

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Erkki Soini
CEO, Health economist


+358 40 053 3971


Katja Härkönen
Product owner, Development manager, Consultant


+358 50 536 9948