Nordic RWD conference, meet us there

ESiOR Ltd takes part in Nordic conference on Real World Data – Collaboration between pharma industry and Academia on November 29-30, 2016, in Helsinki. We have waited for the event with great interest, because we feel that Expert Solutions in Outcomes Research (ESiOR) has a lot to offer. Real world data (RWD) can depict what really happens in terms of e.g. resources, costs, persistence, quality, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and other outcomes. With analytical solutions and models, ESiOR has explored, synthesized, and transformed RWD to real world evidence (RWE), knowledge, and competitive edge. Furthermore, RWE has been successfully utilized in decision making, health economic models, reimbursement applications, and scientific publications targeted to support benchmarking, market access, marketing, or other core activities of business intelligence.

In Finland, recent legislative development activies will further increase the value of RWD, RWE, social and health economic modelling, other advanced analyses, and knowledge management for the industry and public sector. One example of planned legislation changes is pharmaceutical’s risk sharing scheme.

The congress will bring together over 150 RWD decision makers, users, scientists, and other interested experts from the Nordic region which is know for high-class registers and biobanks. The conference presents existing possibilities, remarkable examples of research, and initiatives in the Nordic countries for the pharmaceutical companies. The conference boosts collaboration between the pharma industry and academia and between the Nordic countries. Let’s meet there!

Meeting bookings or more information: Erkki Soini, Saku Väätäinen.

firstname.lastname(at) or or +358400533971 (Erkki)