National RWE study in Finnish Crohn’s disease patients treated with ustekinumab

National FINUSTE2 study assessed ustekinumab treatment patterns and outcomes in Finnish adult patients with Crohn’s disease. The study was carried out in 17 Finnish hospitals. 155 patients who started ustekinumab treatment with an initial intravenous dose during 2017–2018 were included in the study.

Crohn’s disease activity was assessed with endoscopy, CRP and fCal and the data were collected retrospectively from the patients’ health records at baseline and after 16 weeks and one year of treatment.

The study showed that ustekinumab treatment diminished inflammatory activity considerably in patients with highly refractory and long-standing Crohn’s disease. Additionally, it was found that long-term drug persistence in patients on ustekinumab was high.

Af Björkesten CG, Ilus T, Hallinen T, Soini E, et al. Objectively assessed disease activity and drug persistence during ustekinumab treatment in a nationwide real-world Crohn’s disease cohort. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2020

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Erkki Soini

Taru Hallinen