Monidor solution – a medical device assessed

Monidor solution is a remote monitoring device for infusion therapy. In collaboration with Monidor company, health economics company ESiOR assessed the impacts of introducing Monidor solution into hospital wards.

Introducing Monidor solution was evaluated in terms of safety, efficiency, and economy, in particular. Monidor solution’s impact to the number of events and the costs of the wards was estimated. Medical, surgery, and infection wards were chosen for the analysis. The modelling is based on data collected at 12 Finnish hospitals in the pilot phase.

According to the results, the nurses experienced time freed. Infusion errors could be detected earlier, and routine room visits could be reduced. The results indicate that Monidor solution decreases the number of harmful events and may induce freed resources and material savings. In a wider adoption of Monidor solution, the potential savings in Finland could amount to 12M€ a year.

ESiOR also designed and executed an analysis-based user interface model which allows the user to change the inputs, localise the analysis, and see the effects.

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Further information: Erkki Soini