Congratulations Erkki!

Erkki Soini recently celebrated his 15th anniversary as CEO of ESiOR. What has the man accomplished?

Erkki has always been an actively involved CEO and a first-rate scientist, and he has not been afraid of any work – Erkki is involved in maintenance, planning competition strategies, developing something completely new, reporting results… The list goes on and on.

His hard work has paid off. Over the years, there have been several prestigious recognitions and positions of responsibility in the industry in congresses, working groups, and projects. The number of all publications is in the hundreds, and there are more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Erkki’s motivation is easily found: the versatile challenges offered by customer projects inspire him day in and day out – there is always an opportunity to develop something new and learn more. Erkki considers the growth of ESiOR’s personnel to be the greatest success, both in terms of numbers and professional skills. The awards of the European ISPOR Congress in 2006 and 2019, the presidencies of the jury in 2010-11, and numerous podium presentations have also been memorable. The most recent highlights are ESiOR being selected for the TEHDAS project and one of the upcoming grand podium performances at the US ISPOR Congress. The hopes and goals for the future are the launch of new services, the continuous development and learning of all ESiOR’s personnel, and the company’s internationalisation.

The ESiOR staff congratulates this young man on reaching the 15th anniversary. Great start – the journey continues!

ESiOR personnel in February 2022. Erkki Soini, bottom row in the middle. 3 ESiOR specialists are not in the picture.
ESiOR personnel in February 2022. Erkki Soini, front row in the middle. 3 ESiOR specialists are not in the picture.