ESiOR joins TEHDAS to develop European health data joint principles

ESiOR was selected as a stakeholder in the EU funded TEHDAS Joint Action advisory group. The objective of TEHDAS (Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space) is to create joint principles for the exploitation of health data in Europe and to develop more effective utilisation of health data to support health, healthcare, research, and decision making. Sitra is the coordinator of the Joint Action of 25 European countries.

TEHDAS advisory group work raised great interest in Europe. Different TEHDAS advisory groups received a total of 189 applications from 27 European countries. ESiOR’s access can therefore be considered a remarkable achievement. ESiOR will participate in a WP7 project ”Work package permanent advisory group” which has less than 30 other selected participants. Being selected to TEHDAS will enable ESiOR to develop and promote the use of data and future applications in Europe.

ESiOR’s CEO Erkki Soini is thrilled about the news:

We were happy to be selected to one of the TEHDAS permanent advisory groups from among internationally significant applicants. We see TEHDAS as a great opportunity to promote joint European health data practices with more efficient international integration, processing, transfer, and use of data. Citizens, communities, health service providers, and businesses alike will benefit from a secure and seamless access to health data.

ESiOR Ltd will actively continue working for an ecosystem of better health data use. ESiOR is always aiming for better health and effective healthcare.


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Erkki Soini