Erkki Soini, the new chair of Kuopio Health

Our CEO has been named the new chair of the Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem. Erkki has a fair amount of experience of Kuopio Health both as a member and as the chair of the data working group.

Interesting times in the health sector

Erkki points out several current issues that are relevant for Kuopio Health. The growing significance of health data is a hot topic among the members of this ecosystem. The changes arising from the new wellbeing services counties are also actively discussed.

Data and research were in the spotlight at the Kuopio Health Insights event in June. It became clear that Finland has all it takes to become the top location of health research, and this was one of the shared goals. Finns are generally very positive about research and enrolling in studies, and we have a wide and deep pool of our citizens’ health data – which is pretty unique worldwide. We also have several secure operating environments and associated legislation.

To achieve the goals, Erkki highlights cooperation, which is particularly easy in the Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem. You will always find help and new possibilities for joint projects and development. The benefits of membership are often very concrete.

What are Erkki’s goals as the chair?

Communication and going global will continue to be the focus of attention, and they often go hand in hand. They are also everyone’s job, and Erkki encourages each of us to participate. We have a lot going for us, so we really need to make this gem of a network be known to the world. We also need to communicate all the research possibilities and know-how in Finland for better healthcare. Let’s do this together!

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