AI x Pharma x RWE chairman

Chairing education related to artificial intelligence (AI) for real-world evidence (RWE) at AI x Pharma x Health 2024:

“Explore the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Delve into predictions and trends that define the future landscape of AI. Discover real-world case studies showcasing the integration of AI to optimize medication treatments and enhance their effectiveness.
Hosted by Lauri Kuronen, CEO, VEIL.AI Denmark ApS

The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence, Hannu Toivonen, Professor of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

AI in Nordic Healthcare: Where we are today and how to accelerate, Joona Pylkäs, Head of Data and AI, Tietoevry Care

Data and AI driven transformation of pharmaceutical R&D, Sammeli Liikkanen, Director, Digital Medicine, Orion Corporation

AI Use Cases in Healthcare, Mikko Kytö, Development Manager at Helsinki University Central Hospital, IT management”


“Explore the groundbreaking transformations in healthcare driven by Real-World Evidence (RWE). Gain an understanding of the RWE ecosystem in the Nordics and its significance in decision-making processes.
Hosted by Erkki Soini, CEO, ESiOR, chairman, Kuopio Health

Keynote: Digital transformation, boosted by AI, as a driving force in reinventing healthcare, Nasim Farrokhnia, MD, PhD, MBA, Healthcare Executive, Microsoft Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Team

The European Health Data Space, Markus Kalliola, Project Director, Sitra

FinOMOP: A harmonized health data network, Tarja Laitinen, Director of Research

Will RWE ever kick RCTs out of HTAs?, Rafael Rodrigo, Key Account Manager, Swedish Pharma Insights

How to facilitate clinical trials using external data sources, Jussi Leinonen, Strategic Project Lead, Bayer”



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