Welcome Juho and Jere!

Yet more power in our team! Juho Hakkarainen and Jere Kärkkäinen joined the ESiOR team to strengthen our IT know-how.

Juho is another great talent we caught from Health Tech Top Expert training and he just started as a Software Specialist. Juho is a versatile, inquisitive full stack developer who is not scared of challenges. His fearless attitude to take over a new field in healthcare and its challenges serves as a testament. We are certain Juho will impress us with his work.

Jere started at ESiOR in a training related to his studies. Jere has got great success at Skills Finland competition of vocational expertise and was proven to have excellent skills in computers and network. He has also convinced us. Now Jere works at ESiOR as an IT Security Specialist planning and implementing our cyber and IT security as well as web interfaces. While working with us, Jere is studying to become an IT engineer.

Great to have Juho and Jere with us. We warmly welcome both!