Welcome Jenna and Minna!

We have more and more work to be done, so we needed more experts in our team. Luckily, we found Minna and Jenna to help us!

Jenna Parviainen is a newly graduated health economist (congratulations!) with a Master’s degree in Health Sciences. She is also a registered and public health nurse with work experience. In addition, Jenna has participated in planning patient record systems. Jenna is particularly interested in working towards solutions of healthcare challenges we face today and in the future.

Minna Oksanen has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Science in Technology with information technology and bioinformatics and digital health as her major subjects. Minna has previously worked as a research assistant. Health data modelling and analysis are Minna’s main work interests.

Both Minna and Jenna have special know-how that is really valuable. It is great to have you in our team! Welcome aboard!