Thank you Basel!

What a week and team it was last week in Basel and Zurich at the Fingenious ecosystem event and many other meetings!

Very interesting discussions about trials, RWD possibilities, RWE production, data collection, secure data processing, analysis, modelling, health economics, and market access in the Nordics and elsewhere.

Eminent possibilities were presented in e.g., collaboration, safe data handling, complete registry picture of patients, biobanking, recall to studies, disease progression and development, virtual control arms, cost-effectiveness, piggybacking, and risk-sharing.

Thank you Kuopio Health, FINBB, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), SPESiOR, Marco Hautalahti, Sini Vanhamäki, Arto Vuori, Antti Tuomi-Nikula, Ueli Fankhauser, Erkki Soini, and so many others!

Our posters:

Fingenious Recall Service poster


SPESiOR poster