Model helps in hospital space planning

Single-bed hospital rooms are associated with significant benefits based on earlier research. However, the initial investment per bed in single-bed rooms exceeds the initial investment per bed in multiple-bed rooms and the optimal proportion of single-bed rooms is related to a number of attributes. Thus, in the case of decision makers ask:

  • In which situations high proportion of single-bed hospital rooms is economically arguable?
  • Which factors impact the optimal proportion of single-bed hospital rooms?
  • What are the total costs and outcomes (benefits) of different options?

ESiOR Ltd has developed easy-to-use model, which combines the attributes of this complicated entity. For example, the model can used to assess the per ward optimal proportions of single- and multiple-bed rooms. The model can be tailored case-by-case.

The model has been applied in the assessment of different proportions for single-bed rooms and their consequences for maximum 30 year time horizon in the B11 project of Kuopio University Hospital, FinlandĀ (Puijo new hospital).

More info: Erkki Soini.