Kuopio Health Insights 2023 – Clinical Research and Health Data

Erkki Soini, CEO of ESiOR and Chairman of the Board at Kuopio Health, will present at this year’s Kuopio Health Insights. The event, which will take place on August 20-21, focuses on clinical trials in stroke, health and data analysis, and industrial solutions.

The two-day event will feature an array of keynote speeches and panel discussions led by esteemed professionals and thought leaders from various domains within healthcare and technology. These sessions will delve into important topics such as clinical trials and regulations, the use of AI in clinical research and data analysis, value-based care, and digital health. 

For more information about Kuopio Health Insights 2023 and to access the detailed event agenda, please visit the official event website: https://kuopiohealth.fi/tapahtumat/kuopio-health-insights-2023/

If you’d like to meet with us during Kuopio Health Insights, send us a message!