Fragmented source data – not enough real information?

Nowadays, diverse information sources and scientific literature are within the reach of everyone. The problem is rarely having too little information to enable decision-making.

The most common problem is related to the fragmented nature of the information. There is just too much information, the information is presented in a form that is difficult to use, analyses have been conducted in faulty fashion or the analytical perspective is not relevant for the decision maker.

Decisions to purchase or invest require easy-to-understand information that enables decision making based on the evidence.

Fragmented data can be turned into useful information. ESiOR uses a wide range of tools to carry out health-economic research and consulting, condensing data from many sources into information that can support decisions and communication.

Our tools enable data and other evidence to be presented as easy-to-understand key results. We can also publish the extracted information, if necessary.

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