Creating Insights with
Secure Data Processing

Need to collect, analyse, or store health or other sensitive data?

Look no further - SPESiOR® is your solution.

SPESiOR® is ideal for data that require a high standard of information security. 

SPESiOR® (Secure Processing Environment by ESiOR) is an audited and Valvira-certified Secure Operating Environment, which provides an all-in-one solution for collecting, analysing, and storing social, health, and other sensitive data. 

Private and independent

SPESiOR® is the first privately owned, audited secure processing environment in Finland.

SPESiOR was created by ESiOR and is not affiliated with any hospital, university, or other healthcare provider. Our independency guarantees that you are in control of your data. SPESiOR is compliant with the GDPR and Finnish requirements for processing health data for secondary use. All clients are welcome.

All-inclusive expert services available

SPESiOR® is supported by highly experienced health economists and data analysts. We can help you with every step of your project: from study planning to results publication and communication. You can purchase SPESiOR as a stand-alone environment for your data analysis, or you can have our experts help you with your project.

All-in-one solution for different customer needs

Data collection

SPESiOR can be used to collect real-world data for Chart Reviews with electronic Clinician Report Forms (eCRFs).

Collecting patient data in a standardised, structured format can lead to improved accuracy and data quality. The SPESiOR data collection tool can be used for both commercial and academic studies.

Data analytics and modelling

Transform real-world data (RWD) into real-world evidence (RWE) inside a secure environment. Analyse data and visualise your results, while ensuring the security and integrity of your data with strong access management.

Knowledge management

With RWD and RWE, healthcare providers can make informed decisions, improve patient outcomes, and support evidence-based practices, leading to better quality care and improved patient satisfaction.

Risk-sharing agreements

Risk-sharing agreements (RSA) can lead to faster patient access to medications and treatments, as well as a faster time to market for manufacturers.

SPESiOR promotes the success of RSAs by ensuring the accuracy, transparency, confidentiality, and security of the data.

Could SPESiOR® be your solution?

SPESiOR® in a nutshell

  • Registered by Valvira, meets the Authority’s requirements for data security and data protection
  • Strong authentication, multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Data centre in Finland (private cloud, ISO 27001- and Katakri-certified)
  • Extensive use and customer opportunities, customer support and consulting
  • Data life cycle support (collection, transfer, analysis, storage)


Our Data Science and Evidence Generation services also support SPESiOR.

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